About us

NEWSNASHA ‘आदत हर ख़बर की’ is one of the fastest-growing and regular news delivery digital media companies in the sphere of digital news. Focused to deliver of unbiased news, Programs for every segment in sub-metro and Rural areas of the region. News Nasha Connecting Rural to Metro. At News Nasha we are to Bridge gap of the News / Views / Content of Tier 2 & 3 cities to the National forefront.

• Newsnasha has started the journey of the digital journalism recent past, Newsnasha network LLP, Media Industry is full of giants of digital media with the backing of satellite News channels. In this digital era NN is trying to stand with unique content on everyday basis. NN is the national News channel with more than 120 reporters in northern and western states has connected with 500 stringers

• The senior journalist team with experience of 2-3 decades work to maintain credibility of Newsnasha. Parliamentarian anchored Newsnasha show, Mauritius govt has also tied up for content with Newsnasha. We connect to hyper-local content and main politics news.

• Newsnasha Media has unique content facility and can gather news and contents across the country. Newsroom Media has one of the best editorial, Production and creative team which can generate content for e-portals and television. We have unique content facility and can gather news and contents across the country.

Newsnasha has won 2020 Best digital channel (Hindi) award by Reupdated ENBA jury. Newsnasha is performing on video platforms and telecast on Zee5 .

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